Emergency Messaging Website

The University implemented another tool to provide faculty, staff, students, parents, and families with the most reliable emergency information. AppStateALERT.com is the new, 24/7 emergency messaging web site. The site is hosted off-campus so the Univeristy may still post emergency messages if the campus system is not operational.

We suggest that you bookmark both this site and the emergency messaging web site:

1. Bookmark and visit emergency.appstate.edu for emergency preparedness information, educational materials, and plans.

2. Bookmark www.appstatealert.com and visit the site during an actual emergency for updated emergency messages.

The University will continue to post emergency messages on www.appstate.edu, myasu.appstate.edu, and emergency.appstate.edu, in addition to appstatealert.com.


Screenshot of AppStateALERT.com:



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During an actual emergency or disaster, please visit www.APPSTATEALERT.com for regularly updated emergency messages.



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