Appalachian Rave Guardian Campus Safety App


In a medical or life emergency, you should ALWAYS call 911 or 262-8000.  It is the fastest, most reliable means of getting emergency assistance.

However, The Appalachian Safety App can turn your phone into an additional personal safety device. 

The app offers two services.

  • RAVE Guardian:  You can set a Safety Timer, which will notify people you trust to check in on you if you are alone or in an unfamiliar place.  During the timer session, designated guardians can check the status of a student. If the safety timer function is not deactivated before it expires, the Appalachian Police Department (APD) is automatically provided with the user’s Rave Guardian profile to proactively identify and check in on the individual. The app can be downloaded by going to your app store using one of the following links:
  • RAVE Eye Witness: This is an anonymous, two-way tip texting service. This should not be used to report medical or other emergencies, but it is a method to report safety concerns and suspicious activity to Appalachian Police. To text Appalachian Police, text appstatetip followed by your message to 67283.

When using the safety app timer, APD should only be assigned as a Guardian when the user is on campus. If the user is off-campus or away from Boone, APD cannot respond or provide assistance.

When using the RAVE Guardian feature, APD can only see the user’s profile when the safety app timer alarms or when the user calls for emergency help. No user information is visible otherwise.

The 911 feature in the safety app will always call the nearest 911 center, regardless of the user’s location. Users are encouraged to include as much information as they are comfortable providing in their profile, which is completed within the safety app. The more information available, the better the assistance that can be provided in the event of an emergency.

Download the FREE Rave Guardian safety app to check in with family, friends, APD, or others you trust to help you stay safe both on and off campus.


A product of Rave Mobile Safety.

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During an actual emergency or disaster, please visit for regularly updated emergency messages.

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