Mountaineer Medics

Mountaineer Medics is App State’s career development and emergency medical service (EMS) program and part of the services provided to the university community by Environmental Health Safety and Emergency Management (EHS&EM). Under the administration of EHS&EM, undergraduate and graduate students with Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) credentials work part-time to provide basic life support services to the App State community. Mountaineer Medics are managed by full-time staff members of the EHS&EM team.

The program functions as a Basic Life Support (BLS) service in the Watauga County EMS system. Mountaineer Medics are a team of App State students and employees who are certified EMTs. As students in the program work on campus, they gain practical experience in the emergency medical field while also helping to increase our campus community’s access to pre-hospital care.

Enhance your career readiness and gain experience in basic life support and other emergency medical services through practical experience, training, certification and leadership skills development.

Students will gain experience that may provide a foundation for advanced degrees or other fields of study outside of the emergency medical field, such as recreation management, exercise science and other medical specializations.

Mountaineer Medic's student application is available now in Handshake! Apply early to connect with our team on upcoming training and work opportunities for spring and summer 2024!

Mountaineer Medics are credentialed EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians), who provide emergency medical support for over 300,000 visitors and community members attending App State’s large events each year in addition to supporting broad campus EMS response in Boone. To date, Mountaineer Medics have already supported and treated nearly 250 patients since the program's inception in August 2023 (updated Feb. 2024).

Medics work closely with App State faculty, staff, students and visitors from diverse backgrounds in a variety of environments and conditions on campus and for campus-sponsored activities and educational events.

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App State’s Mountaineer Medics program

  • Provides emergency medical support coverage for App State events and the Boone campus
  • Reduces the burden on community resources
  • Enhances pre-hospital healthcare accessibility
  • Provides students with practical experience in public safety and pre-hospital care settings

Mountaineer Medics operate within the EMT-Basic scope of practice under the medical direction of the Watauga County EMS System, and engage in the following activities on campus during special events and regular shifts:

  • Patient assessments, prehospital emergency medical care, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator (CPR/AED) use and patient transfer to advanced life support providers;
  • Coordination with local and regional EMS, public safety and emergency management agencies;
  • Documentation of all patient care activities and transferring this documentation, with their patients, to other responding EMS and/or medical personnel;
  • Participation in practical skills training and continuing education for BLS, including local protocols and equipment, alongside seasoned, professional EMS, fire and police personnel.

Mountaineer Medics also have opportunties to participate in community outreach and education events where they can build connections with the broader community and other local professionals in EMS, fire-rescue and police agencies.

“Mountaineer Medics is a program designed to enrich our students’ experience while also increasing our campus community’s access to pre-hospital care. App State students will have opportunities to make valuable, professional connections with our local public safety partners while they explore public safety and public service roles as part of their education. This program is designed to be practical, and enhance students’ academic pursuits while also supporting our community’s public safety partnerships.” – Jason Marshburn, Director, Environmental Health, Safety & Emergency Management.

Mountaineer Medics are paid for all work and required training to include the continuing education requirements for EMT credential renewals, CPR/BLS credential renewals and organized practical skills training activities.

Enrollment is open to any full or part-time App State student with a valid North Carolina EMT-Basic or higher level credential. Students without a current NC EMT-Basic certification may submit proof of enrollment in an accredited certification program or reinstatement process to apply for the program, but must obtain their license prior to their first duty assignment.

Additional Information for Students

Students seeking additional EMS and healthcare field certifications and education can use their EMT skills and experience to continue their education as paramedics, fire-fighters, emergency dispatchers or forensic technicians. They also gain experience that creates a practical foundation for degree programs such as nursing and other medical career paths, such as physician’s assistant. EMT skills and EMS experience may also provide a foundation for advanced degrees, such as public administration programs (MPA), or other fields of study outside of the emergency medical field, such as recreation management or exercise science.


Contact the Mountaineer Medics program for more information at or 828-262-4008.

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