Emergency Information for the Media & Community


Take just a few minutes to learn the campus area and where buildings are located on campus. During an emergency or disaster, safety officials may ask you stay away from a certain building or area. Also make sure to read local area travel advisories before you visit campus or plan your return trip home. Visit http://maps.appstate.edu for campus maps and the North Carolina Department of Transportation for statewide travel advisories.

Each of these audience-specific areas of the site is specifically designed to provide you with a few of the most important things that you may do to prepare for emergencies. Please also familiarize yourself with the resources available on the left hand menu of this site.

1. Learn campus conditions and other emergency terminology. Unlike public K-12 institutions, it is unlikely that Appalachian State University will lockdown the entire campus. Click here for "must know" information.

2. Learn more about Appalachian's siren warning system. If you live near campus you probably hear the sirens tested once a month. The siren sounds for an actual emergency differ from the tone used for testing. Click here for more information on the siren system.

3. Notify Appalachian Police about any suspicious behavior that you observe on campus. Reporting suspicious behavior or crime may prevent an incident from escalating to a major emergency or disaster. Visit the Appalachian Police Department's web site for more information.

3. Plan ahead to determine how you will react if there is an emergency while you are on campus.

4. Program local media outlets into your radio and computer so that you can quickly access emergency information. The University Office of Public Affairs will disseminate emergency information as soon as possible and update the information regularly.

1. Do not rush to campus! It is important for emergency responders to restrict campus access to stabilize the situation. Only come to campus if you are specifically requested.

2. Stand-by for specific directions or requests from the University. The University may establish a media center and/or volunteer reception centers.

3. Visit www.appstatealert.com for the latest emergency messages. Appstatealert.com is the official emergency messaging site and is updated through the Office of Public Affairs and the Emergency Operations Center.

Thank you for taking an active interest in Appalachian's safety and security. Please browse this entire site to learn more about Appalachian's emergency plans. You are always welcome to contact us with questions, comments, and ideas.

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During an actual emergency or disaster, please visit www.APPSTATEALERT.com for regularly updated emergency messages.

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