Community Emergency Partners

Although Appalachian State University has primary responsibility for emergency and risk planning on campus, community emergency service agencies respond to campus almost daily to emergency calls for assistance. These partners also support the University during major emergencies and/or disasters.

All phone numbers provided on this page are for non-emergency business. Dial 911 (9-911 from a campus phone) or 262-8000 (8000 from a campus phone) for emergencies.

  • UNC Health Appalachian 
    Watauga Medical Center is the primary and largest hospital in the area. (828) 262-4100
  • Boone Fire Department
    Provides primary fire protection and supports fire and life safety education programming. (828) 268-6180
  • Boone Police Department
    Provides mutual aid law enforcement resources at the request of the Appalachian Police Department. Boone police officers have full jurisdiction and authority on campus. (828) 268-6900
  • Watauga Medics, Inc.
    Provides primary emergency medical transport services. (828) 264-9486
  • Watauga County Rescue Squad
    Volunteer agency that supports Watauga Medics, Inc. and provides medical support services for numerous special events on campus. (828) 264-2426
  • Watauga County Sheriff's Office
    Provides mutual aid law enforcement resources to the University Police Department. Sheriff deputies have full jurisdiction and authority on campus. (828) 264-3761
  • Watauga County Emergency Management
    Supports the University's Emergency Operations Center and coordinates emergency resource requests through the State of North Carolina. (828) 264-4235