Emergency Plans

Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan is the University's primary plan for managing major emergencies and disasters. The Plan is comprised of a basic plan and numerous functional annexes.

Pandemic Plan

The pandemic plan is the basic guidance for the University in response to pandemic diseases, such as Avian Influenza or SARS. The plan also identifies basic response mechanisms and processes for the continuity of operations.

University Emergency Management and Business Continuity Policy

The University's Emergency Management and Business Continuity (Administrative Policy 302.1) establishes the authority for emergency plans, business continuity plans, and emergency operations on campus.

Emergency Operations Plan - The Basic Plan

NCGS § 132‑1.6. Emergency response plans

Emergency response plans adopted by a constituent institution of The University of North Carolina, a community college, or a public hospital as defined in G.S. 159‑39 and the records related to the planning and development of these emergency response plans are not public records as defined by G.S. 132‑1 and shall not be subject to inspection and examination under G.S. 132‑6. (2001‑500, s. 3.1.)

More Information

Many plans and policies are not available online. Please contact the Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Emergency Management, Jason Marshburn, (marshburnjs@appstate.edu) to request other plans and documents.