Training & Exercises

Emergency Training

The Department of Environmental Health, Safety and Emergency Management (EHS&EM) offers emergency preparedness training to all University departments, colleges, units, groups, and areas. Training programs may be designed around the unique needs of the area or provide standardized material. To request a training program, please contact the EHS&EM office today.

Examples of training programs:

  • Preparedness 101 - Basic Emergency Preparedness
  • Customized courses in coordination with Boone Fire Department, and others

Emergency Preparedness

Preparedness 101

A student goes unconscious. A person with a gun enters your building. Now quick - what do you do? Seconds count in these situations and people may look to you for the answers. It is vital that you know the steps to take in order to stay safe and help others.

Preparedness 101 is designed to cover the basic action steps to follow during a variety of emergency situations, as well as provide an overview of how the university will respond to these situations. Workshop length is 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes for questions and general discussion. Please follow this link to register:

Building Emergency Team

Building Emergency Team Workshop

What happens if there's an emergency in my building? What is the Building Emergency Team Program about? What is a Building Emergency Action Plan? Find out the answer to these questions by attending the workshop "What If There Is An Emergency In My Building?" Workshop available upon request. Please email Debi Trivette at

Emergency Exercises

Exercises are an important component in the comprehensive emergency management model. The University is committed to conducting regularly scheduled exercises each year. University departments, colleges, units, and areas may request an emergency training exercise to evaluate one or more components of their emergency plans or policies. If you would like to request an exercise email us at

Training Offered by Other Departments

Several departments on campus offer safety and security training. The Appalachian Police Department offers Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) training during both semesters.

For More Information

Don't see the emergency or safety training course you are looking for? Email us!